If you have any questions please email me at (click on this)  goldstarlofts@gmail.com and I will get right back with you.  Or you can call me at home at
618-585-3624 between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST 7 days a week
Racing Pigeons for Sale
Note: Prices and availability are subject to change at any time.  
Prices do not include shipping charges unless stated
See below list of birds FOR SALE! Page updated 3/23/21 (also see One LOFT Race info below)
Note:  Overall we do not lose many birds so we must sell them as we have no room to keep them all.   This family of birds I have developed give it their all and try
hard to get home.  
They don't give up and they can stay in the air all day long.  This is why they are good on long hard races (we won 14, yes fourteen 600-mile
races)  And are great at 400-mile YB races too.  These are the kind of birds you need to win average speed.   
These birds are racing homers that "don't quit"!
The one thing none of us has to spare is TIME  (life is too short) so don't waste it trying to breed really good birds, get
some NOW and start breeding from genetically proven quality right away!
Believe me, even then it still takes TIME to build a good competitive team but it is worth it for the fun you will then have.
Remember, the key is in the performance of the bird,  NOT eye sign, NOT strain names, NOT in the drugs you give them, NOT what some fellow in Europe
did years ago
, and NOT because you paid 2,000.00 for a pair of breeders.  These Goldstars are birds with time tested performance at the distance
with many winners/breeders of winners in their pedigrees.
THEN you will have the birds that have the GENES to make MORE very good race birds!  
YOU will WIN with these birds and breed winners from them and be one of the few in the world with the "Goldstar" bloodline.
Everyone who has purchased our Goldstar birds has been extremely happy with the results.  (see the testimonials on the Contact Us page).  They have won many races and
average speeds for lofts in all areas of the US (as well as Canada and Taiwan).  Over and over again they are put against top birds from all over the US (fellows that buy kits
from us as well as else where) and the Goldstars end up out performing them all!
We guarantee you will be pleased with every bird or they will be replaced (if notified within the first 30 days) at no cost other than mail cost.  (bird or band may be required to be returned)  Of course birds may not be
available immediately as we have and keep very few (but high quality) birds on hand.
Shipping fees for birds are as follows: (subject to change at any time)
(within continental US) new costs as of 4/15/2020.  Alaska is slightly more and Hawaii is much more due to health papers needed.
Note:  I always fully insure the birds plus postal rates have went up recently.
Shipping for 2 young birds or old birds 80.00  Shipping for 4 young birds or 4 old birds 160.00 (2 boxes)
We have and can ship to Taiwan and Hawaii and other countries (maybe) through special exporters.  We should be able to ship to PR as well but these places cost extra due to
health papers and distance.  Fees will have to be quoted from the exporter and are over and above the cost to ship the birds to him.  It is very expensive to ship a small amount of
birds (say 1 to 4 or so).  Usually less (per bird) when 6 to 8 or more birds are shipped.  You may want to get with a friend(s) and order more birds to cut the price per bird.
Note: we reserve the right to refuse to sell to certain people and or locales.  *If you buy young bird kits to race we will not sell YB kits to anyone else in your club  
or combine if you wish (but you must tell us who they are).  The same with breeders if you purchase more than a couple pairs.  *You must be a good customer
and preferably have the desire to develop and maintain the "Goldstar" strain.  You will be unique by being the only fellow in your area with this strain.  (and you
will WIN with them!)   Try them and when you see how good they are you will want more.  By just adding a pair or two a year or a kit or two in time you will have
the kind of birds you will always have come home no matter the weather or distance.   You will have your own version of the Goldstar strain.
Quality Guaranteed!   
We are not here to sell poor quality birds and or to peddle birds for the sole purpose of making money.   Our purpose to breed a better pigeons, long distance racing pigeon and
to help fellow fanciers compete with and develop their own line of Goldstar birds, this is our goal.  With young birds it is possible to get a bird once in a while that does not thrive
and develop into a nice racing homer type bird.   If this happens to one of the birds you got from us please let me know and I will replace it with another FREE of charge
.   With
old birds you will know within days if not minutes that the bird is of good quality.   With old birds we are taking a chance with every mating that they will click and raise winners for
us.  Sometimes it takes years before we realize they are not doing what we want out of them.  Most all our old birds have pedigrees with many 600-mile winners in them so they
should carry the blood (genes) to develop MORE distance winners.

With 30-day old young birds they can change as they develop.  I understand it can take a month or two or more to see that a bird is not going to turn out so well.   Please let me
know if you get a young bird in your kit that does not thrive and appear to be a bird that will compete (or breed) due to its body etc.  I will replace this bird with another young bird
the next year when you buy another kit.   I may ask you to send the band back to me should this happen.   With any free replacement bird you must pay the shipping to get the
bird.  Information about the birds helps me with my breeding program so I can determine whether the mating is good or not.   

Losing birds does not constitute replacement birds.  Birds can be lost due to wires, hawks, theft, etc.  Losing birds can be due to unseen illnesses, poor handling, disastrous
training or races etc.   The Goldstars here simply do not get lost (at least VERY few do here).   They are distance birds so they may be considered slow maturing bird.  However,
they do win races as young birds, and are especially good at one loft races!!!!!!!  

To compete you need good birds AND they must be healthy, even super healthy, if you want to be at the top.  You have to do what it takes to get the birds to that point of super
healthy through you handling techniques.  I will gladly help you with that if you ask me and will send you a schedule of what I do to get the birds ready to race.  However, I by no
means am an expert at this but I try and I learn on going every year.  I have been doing this for 45 years.
Birds for sale!  See below. Email me (Steve) your interests and I will contact you.  
----Email address is goldstarlofts@gmail.com Phone number is 618-585-3624 (text 618-606-0467)
NOTE: ALL birds come with complete pedigrees, a hard copy will be mailed to you. (before purchase if you wish)
To pay immediately to get the birds out ASAP simply do a Walmart to Walmart money transfer for only about 9.00!  (at any Walmart and they make
it available to the name and code you give them at any Walmart anywhere) Just email or text me the code and I go get it.
I do not sell birds locally which includes the southern half of Illinois and the northern half of Missouri.  
buyers must be AU, or IF, or CU members.  My email address is goldstarlofts@gmail.com or call 618-585-3624
Young bird kits:  Check with me for availability spring 2021.  
Shipping by mail is getting really expensive.  The boxes have been modified, smaller, so even young birds cannot be over crowded at all.  Therefore
birds will be sold in quantities of 2 or 4, etc.  In most cases shipping will cost 80.00 for 2-birds, 160.00 for 4-birds (2 boxes)
Baby's out of the flying loft (race team) FOUR for 500.00 plus shipping
Out of breeders if available* at 500.00 for two birds.  Four (4) for 800.00 plus shipping
Send a 200.00 deposit for each kit you want.
Birds will all be down from some of my fourteen 600-mile winners and or their close relatives.  They will be suitable for breeding from and or racing in competition.    You will be
more than pleased with these birds!  You need birds that have a GOOD proven gene pool to work with.  
I have very few birds so what you will get is out of my very best.  
You do realize that not all birds will be winners plus we all have the hawk problem etc so having more birds to work with will be better.
I dare you to compare a kit of these birds to ANY you purchase from anyone else.  After two years you will see you have more Goldstars left and they will
have out raced and out bred any other kit of 6 you might buy.  I know because I have been told this over and over by fanciers that have acquired these
birds.  Update, once again I am told a pure Goldstar just won Champion of the show for a Goldstar customer.
All Goldstar birds come with detailed Hawkeye pedigrees.  Ask for pedigrees sent to you NOW to see the history of each birds family.
I will email or snail mail them to you to review and see for your self.   You will know what you are getting before you purchase them.
Note about insurance:  I have been told several times that most sellers of birds do not insure their shipments, therefore the PO only gives them a 100.00 per box insurance.  If
anything happens to the birds (which is rare) then they will have to replace the birds or refund your money.  Since you are counting on these birds then we will just replace the
birds with "other" birds (if and when available).  Thankfully I have never had a shipment lost or birds dead but there is always a chance.  My birds have value and all are special so
I pay to fully insure them because they are that special and it is worth the few dollars extra.  I just can not go out and pick 4 more birds out because I raised those 4 just for you.  I
do not have a pigeon factory like other "feather merchants".  
The Goldstars are special and are limited.
A Note about the bird pictures.  As you can see these bird pictures are not doctored at all.  I use a rather cheap camera by todays standards (now my phone) and put the birds
in a box in my shed and take a couple pictures and pick the best one.  So the birds are far better than their pictures show.  Birds are in the molt as well on some pictures.  
Everyone who has ever received birds from us have been more than happy with them and you will to
You will love these beauties and you will produce excellent birds from them.   This could be the foundation of your own special Goldstar family of birds.  Have
something different no one else has in your area.  As an on-going Goldstar customer I will not sell to any other loft in your area (but let me know your area).  If
you want to have the similar success that I have had, you need a good foundation of these birds so as to create as many mating scenarios as possible
incorporating the many winners in each race birds pedigree.  (there are several 600-mile winners in each birds pedigrees)   You will have fun studying the
pedigrees and trying special matings.   You can not find better birds at these kind of prices ANYWHERE!
Email address is goldstarlofts@gmail.com         phone number is 618-585-3624 (8 AM to 8 PM CST)
Email address is goldstarlofts@gmail.com  Phone number is 618-585-3624 (8AM to 8 PM CST)
Email address is goldstarlofts@gmail.com  Land line Phone number is 618-585-3624 (8 AM to 8 PM CST)
Email is goldstarlofts@gmail.com  Phone number land line is 618-585-3624
Goldstar Blue Rockets available to ship NOW. (see above list most all Rocket cross birds)

These are birds that win or have potential to score high at One loft money races!  
These birds have been scoring at the top of competition in money races.  When I flew young birds I always did well considering the course but I have
lost interest racing them locally.  But a couple years ago I did some experimental breeding to specifically compete in money races.  The first year I sent
birds to a handler race in Pa.  
Of the 3 birds I sent 2 were in the money with different handlers, plus the 3rd bird won a Combine 250-mile race two
weeks prior to the money race.  The next year, of the 550 entries they scored near the top again.  Many birds were lost but NOT these Goldstars Blue

So in 2018 I sent 3 to the Midwest AU Convention.  I drove to the handlers loft, in Wisconsin, I was there on race day.  A terrible day for racing (38
degrees overcast strong cross winds) as the handler
only got 2 day birds home out of 21 birds he sent (from top US lofts) and yes they were my TWO
Goldstar Blue Rockets
and they were both in the money out of a total of 699 birds to start with (364 went to the race).  No other lofts in his area (city)
got ANY day birds
at all, and some no second day birds either.

Also, in 2018 I entered 3 birds in the Hoosier Classic Million dollar race.  Two of them did fantastic, I did not win money in this race but the birds did great
as you will see in the summary below.  There were 3,290 birds to start, they lost over a 1000 birds before the 100, but my 2 Rocket Stars were still
there.  This is how they did, Bird #5812 BC hen named "Leave your Lover" was 151st at the 100-mi qualifying race beating 94% of the 2000+ birds in
the race, she beat 70% of the birds on a 150 and the 180-mi race, she beat over 50% on the 220.  Even on the final race when she came the next
morning she still beat 679 birds.  (She has been sold)

Bird #5813 BB hen beat 60% of all birds on the 100, 150, and the 180-mi race.  On the 220 she was 56th place
beating 97% of the 1895 birds.  On the
final race she beat 70% of the birds.  The final race was a blow home type race with 32 on the drop from 350-miles, not really a competitive race.  #5813
(race name "Money on My Mind") was less than 80 minutes from winning $250,000.00.

They were so close that I know that with a little luck or harder race, which usually happens, these birds can compete with the best.  I watched the
trainers and races live and on
www.wincompanion.com website and these "Rocket Stars" constantly beat top name lofts or was there with them and
these lofts had anywhere from 9 to 40 bird entries each in this race (to our 2 birds).  The birds for sale above are related but I will have young birds with
the Rocket blood this spring.  Now breeding from 5813 I will breed out of her brothers sisters parents etc for entry next year.  I should have some for sale
as young bird late hatches to use for breeders.  Perhaps you should consider trying some of these for One loft races.  The HCRACE.com first place is
$500,000.00 with a 100 more places to pay out.  The sport is moving in that direction and it is fun to watch on your computer, phone or go to the race.  
Goldstar Rockets are birds that are one eighth to one quarter our Rocket bird 5185 and the rest being Goldstar old line stock.
You can follow our success on www.wincompanion.com, we are flying in a partnership of Goldstar and Angel loft in the HC race and the Breeders Fall
classic, and Goldstar and Boomerang loft in the Apple Cup race.
Price for the below birds:   See details below. Birds are shipped 2 per box now.  If you order 4 birds there will be 2 boxes.  I will
no longer sell one bird at a time (or there will be a surcharge).  It is much safer to have two birds in one box plus cheaper per bird as well.  I think I
can ship one 2-bird box to most places for 80.00 (includes box and insurance).
One loft races we competed in 2019.
Hoosier Classic Million dollar Race (we only entered 4 birds of the about 5,000 initially entered)
STAR 6906 58th place 150-miles, 3000+ birds (was 16th place average speed out of the nearly 5,000 birds that started)
STAR 6907 42nd place 125-miles, 3200+birds
*****Unfortunately the HC Race Loft burned down one day before shipping the final race with all birds perishing******
2020 HC Race, variable gusty winds, STAR 8011 7th bird home on second day.  Entering him in the 400-mile Race.
Breeders Fall Classic One Loft Race (we only entered 3 birds)
STAR 6930 58th place 75-miles, 423 birds, 82nd 200-miles 400 birds, 76th 250-miles 345-birds,
22nd place $ final race, one of only 45 day birds!
Also this bird finished 13th Average speed out of nearly 500-birds !
2020 BFC race 4th place money winner STAR 8052 (on the 200-mile race)

Apple Cup Race One Loft race (we only entered 2 birds) they started with 743-birds        
STAR 6916  22nd place 165-miles 518 birds, 27th place 250-miles 429 birds (was at
2nd place average speed after the 250 mile race)
The race was on Oct 30th, 350-miles, 293 birds.  Her brother 6917, "Leonidas" was 65th place, with only 101 birds on the day.  

As you can see, these birds per One loft race, are out of different pairs of our breeders.  They are the Goldstar distance bird lines crossed with a touch
of our Blue "Rocket" blood, IT WORKS! Birds for sale above are related to these birds as well.  People think you need sprint birds, fast maturing birds,
or 300-mile special birds or imported birds or expensive birds or birds that are bred specifically for young bird racing.
WRONG! You just need
GOOD quality racing pigeons.  

Birds for Sale: The below birds for sale (plus shipping)
You want birds that score in One Loft Money races, or in your Combine?   Try these, I know you wont go wrong here and you will wish you had more. The price for these are
250.00 each or 450.00
a pair (or two birds), plus shipping. Birds are all Goldstar-Rocket crosses.  
Pictures are below, more details later.
Remember, most are very young and are molting and I use phone for camera.  No doctored photos here.
STAR 8074 BC Cock
STAR 8033 DC Cock
STAR 8081 BC Hen
STAR 8082 BC Hen
This cock Above is off of two yearling birds that are both closely
related to the Blue Rocket, therefore highly inbred.  The father is
out of the Blue Rocket and his granddaughter, the mother is out
of one of my best breeding cocks and another granddaughter of
the Blue Rocket, but different hen, great breeding hen 8586.  
Sister to Champ hen Gold Baby #58.  

You need to see the pedigrees if interested.   NOTE: birds are
very young and molting so pictures are not the best. Thought to
be a cock but?
To the left is another set of nest mates.  Both now appear to be hens.  These
are late hatches that accidentally hatched mid August but are out of some great
breeders so I had to band them.  
My BEST pair of breeders are 1369 and 1419.  These birds parents are cock
1474 (full brother to hen 1419) and hen 1417 (which is the full sister to cock
1369).  Its the exact same pedigree as my very best breeding pair.  Their
daughter was 16th average speed HC Race 2019 going to the final race (out of
about 5,000 birds).  2019 I won 1st and 2nd Combine on a smash 284-mile race
with 2 sisters from them.  And even MORE results on other birds from them.
NOTE: birds are
very young and molting so pictures are not the best.

I will take new pictures soon.  These are race proven quality racing birds.
They WILL help you race better.  
Off of old line 5298 cock (Aardens 5050 &
2011) and hen 5878 out of old line great
breeding cock 5283 and BEST hen 1419.  
Beautiful pigeons, not to mention racers.
Below are special birds not included in the sale above.
The BB cock to the right and left is
AU 19 STAR 6981.  A two year old
off of the Blue Rocket (Tournier
blood) and his granddaughter AU
18 STAR 5813.  (5813 flew every
race in the 2018 Million dollar race
and finished high in the overall
performance) Retaining and
enhancing the Rocket Tournier
blood line.  
I have kept a hen and this cock in
the breeding loft.
He is
for sale for 500.00 or
400.00 if purchased with
another bird.

Have to cut back on stock birds
as I get older.
Picture taken last year.




Sale Pending!